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The CEO of Kircher Construction James Olverd has professional experience that includes many construction management projects and general construction projects over the past 32 years. He obtained a degree from both Alfred State College and Rochester Institute of Technology in Civil Engineering and was vice president of a local large construction firm. He has diverse industrial and commercial experience including schools, water treatment plants, clean rooms, parking lots, hotels, and hospitals.


Company CEO James Olverds' experience, education, and dedication to the construction industry prompted him to purchase George Kircher and Sons, Inc. The company was started in 1904 by George Kircher and his two sons, Emil and Joseph. Both sons took over the company in 1924 and ran it until 1958, when two of their loyal employees, David Wurster Sr. and John Ward bought the company and continued bidding and negotiating work throughout the Rochester, NY area. In 1960 the two sons of David Wurster Sr., David Jr., and Erich Wurster, bought the company.


In 1998, George Kircher and Sons briefly closed the doors of George Kircher and Sons. In February 1999, they contacted James Olverd who had been a friendly competitor. They wanted someone to purchase the company and continue the quality service that the family had maintained through the years. David Wurster Jr. and Erich Wurster wanted to keep the George Kircher and Sons name, an agreement was made, and Kircher Construction Incorporated was formed and approved by the State of New York in June of 1999.

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